I always thought I was the interesting one.

I only found out I wasn’t when I learnt how to ask the right questions.
Can I ask you a question?

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Asking the right question is like removing a layer from an onion… Yeah. If ogres are like onions, then questions are the donkey that reveals the heart of the ogre by peeling off the layers.

The more right questions you ask, the closer to the core of the ogre you get.

If I’m trying to teach a lesson through the story of Shrek and Donkey, I guess that makes me Dreamworks. Hi, I’m Dreamworks Tim, and I produced the 2001 cult classic animated film, Shrek don’t really fit in.

There’s a couple of reasons why I feel like I don’t fit in, those reasons happen to be things that I’m passionate about; faith, football & storytelling.


Among Christians, there’s a common saying that encourages one to be holy (to be set apart).

“We are in the world, but not of the world”

(it’s a major theme in the New Testament, highly recommend you read the gospel according to John).

I hold that as truth. But it’s not easy, and not entirely possible.

Christians are called to be different or set apart from the world (holy), that means in many situations and scenarios we just don’t fit in.

I choose not to take part in certain things because it gets in the way of my relationship with God.

A personal relationship with God is worth so much more than anything the world can offer, including football and storytelling.


Yes, football (or soccer) is the global game. It is the most popular sport in the world. It’s just that Australian football isn’t at all popular.

There are more than enough Australians interested in European, Asian or South American football, they just don’t like the A-League, NPL or FFA Cup.

Australian football happens to be the flavour of football I love, and the one that kneecaps itself on a regular basis.

One day it will be great to see big crowds and broken transfer records. But, for now, Australian footballs best quality is its great personality.


Storytelling is as close to time travel as we will get. Like a classic sci-fi time machine, it is an incredibly powerful tool, and in the wrong hands it can be incredibly dangerous.

Given the world we live in, stories are crafted day in-day out for all sorts of purposes and consumed at a spectacular rate.

I get a real thrill digging into some of those stories, speculating about them and seeing how far they go before they break.

But I try to be cautious about what I consume, knowing some of the dangers of storytelling, and that naturally sets you apart from people.

Where do you find satisfaction?

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